International Dinners

All dinners include:

a multi-course meal

wine/drink pairings

live entertainment (FM Opera performers)

Cost of $90 per person – all proceeds go directly to support FM Opera

“Mambo Italiano”
June 7th @ 6PM
Fargo Country Club
(Hosted by Roger Minch, Julie Blehm & Joan Justesen)

An evening of cuisine from Northern Italy prepared by the new chef at Fargo Country Club, paired with the perfect Italian wines.  Va bene!!

“Fiesta de cena”
Jun 12th @ 6PM
Eeva Salejarvi Residence

Authentic Spanish cuisine prepared by Chef Andrea Baumgardner (of Bernbaums) with a collection of Spanish wines to compliment each course.

“Picnic in Provence”
Jun 19th @ 6PM
Dakota Medical Foundation Building

Enjoy French Provincial cuisine prepared by Chef Granville Wood   (formerly head chef at the Blue Goose Cafe in the Plains Art Museum)



“31 rue de Cambon”
Jun 20th @ 6PM
Audrey Newman Residence

Enjoy a dinner filled with the favorite dishes of internationally renown fashion designer Coco Chanel