What is Opera?

Opera is the ultimate interdisciplinary art form, incorporating music, theatre, graphic design, and multi-media arts. Like today's best movies, opera tells stories with timeless themes and primal emotions: love, hate, jealousy, faith, despair, betrayal, loyalty. There are family feuds, coups, unrequited love, murder, intrigue, slapstick comedy, mistaken identity, and hot-headed actions that have tragic consequences. All set to some of the most sublime music you'll ever hear and backed by fantastic costumes and sets. You may even recognize some of the tunes. Many companies have used opera melodies in their television ads, and you’ve probably heard famous arias in movies such as Fantasia, Atonement, The Godfather, and The Shawshank Redemption.

Will I understand what is happening on stage? 

Of course! Before each opera we have a Pre-Opera Talk where you can sit in and listen to what the opera is about. We also have a synopsis printed in each playbill, and there are surtitles above the stage that you can read if you cannot understand what the performers are singing on stage.

What do I wear to the opera? 

You can wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Some people like to get all dressed up in suits and gowns for a night at the opera, while others prefer to wear something more casual. Really, it’s up to you!  

How long is a typical opera? 

Every opera is different, but most of the ones that we do tend to be 2.5 to 3 hours long with intermission.

Do you have a pre-opera talk?

We sure do! The pre-opera talk is a half hour before curtain in the lobby of Reineke Festival Concert Hall. What’s the best part? The talk is free!

How can I donate to the opera? 

There are multiple ways to donate to the opera. Monetary donations can be made either online, or over the phone by calling the Fargo-Moorhead Opera Offices. 

When should I arrive?

We suggest getting to the theatre at least a half hour before curtain. Not only will that give you a chance to watch the Pre-Opera Talk, but you’ll be able to find your seats and get settled in. If you show up after the show begins you will have to wait to be seated until there is a proper break as to not disturb the other attendee’s and the performers.

Does the Fargo-Moorhead Opera accommodate patrons with special needs? 

We do! There is special wheelchair seating available. If you need a wheelchair seat, or an aisle seat, request one when purchasing your tickets and we will be sure you have the best seat for you to enjoy the show.

What is your refund policy?

Fargo-Moorhead Opera tickets are non-refundable BUT can be exchanged for an alternate day of the same performance upon request.  If you have purchased tickets and are unable to use them, or exchange them for the same performance, you may request to donate them back to FM Opera for a tax deduction.

What if I forgot to pre-purchase tickets? 

No worries, you can purchase tickets at the door! The box office opens up one hour before every performance.

I lost my tickets! Can I still attend? 

Sure! Give us a call and we can reprint your tickets, or if you’re at the door and you forgot to bring your tickets with you, ask at the Box Office and we should be able to look up your seat number.