A large part of funding for the Fargo-Moorhead Opera comes from people like you. Without people who believe in the power of opera to move the human spirit and understand the need to give above and beyond,  we would not be able to bring you the quality productions and national performers you expect. 

To add your financial voice to keep opera alive and well in Fargo-Moorhead, please contact Shirley Leiphon, our Relationship Director, at (701) 239-4558, or click the button below to make your gift. 


Thank you for your gift and keeping us live, local and excellent!

The Opera Glass Circle is a group of opera lovers who support & sustain Fargo-Moorhead Opera through an annual major gift at the Opera Glass Circle Dinner each spring. 

If you would like more details concerning becoming a member of this special group, please contact the opera office at (701) 239-4558

2017 Opera Glass Circle Members  


Dr. Dave & Denise Akkerman
Roger & Betty Anda
Drs. Robert Arusell & Janelle Sanda
Dr. Julie Blehm
John & Mitzi Brunsdale
Verona Burbeck
Julie Burgum  
Amie Jean Dexter
Dave & Gini Duval
Bernie Erickson & David Hamilton  
Drs. Susan Farkas & Joshua Wynne
Joan Justesen

Drs. Theodore Kleiman & 
Linda Getz-Kleiman
Dr. Doug & Debbie Landers
Dr. Robert Meili & Weyburn Wasson
Roger Minch   
Dr. Robert & Shirley Montgomery
Martha Moore
Sarah, Tony & Gio Nasello
Kathy Neugebauer
Ken & Luann Regan
Brad & Carol Schlossman
Dr. Dennis Staton